• Chocolate Hills
  • Blood Compact
  • Ruins of Baclayon Church
  • Phyton 2
  • Buffet Lunch at Loboc/Loay River Cruise
  • Hanging Bridge
  • Tarsier
  • Manmade Forest
  • Butterfly Sanctuary
  • Souvenir Shop


  • Bohol Countryside Tour (Seat-in Coach)
  • Buffet Lunch @ Loboc/Loay River Cruise
  • Air-conditioned round-trip tour transfer from Tagbilaran City/ Panglao Island hotel
  • Driver Guide as Tour facilitator
  • Entrance Fees
  • Taxes

CHOCOLATE HILLS – The Chocolate Hills are a group of unusually shaped hills located in the middle of the island of Bohol in Philippines. This extraordinary landscape is unique to this small island.It is unknown how many chocolate hills there are. It is known that at the bare minimum there are 1268 hills but some estimates put this number as high as 1776.Mystery still surrounds how the Chocolate Hills were formed. One of the more popular local legends is that long ago, two giants fought for days, hurling earth and stones at one another, until they fell exhausted, friends once more, into each others arms.

TARSIER – A cuddly-looking creature with soft, grayish-fur; about 100 millimeters in height; with rat-like tail which is longer than the body and bat-like ears, the Tarsier (Locally called the maomag). It thrives mostly in secondary dense forests with a diet of crickets, beetles, termites and other insects as well as small animals like lizards, frogs, and even small birds but has almost no natural enemies in the wild. Furthermore, this nocturnal creature has the unique ability of being able to turn its head 180 degrees as well as to jump backward with precision. Yet ironically, is listed as one of the country’s threatened species.They are nocturnal animals and should not be disturbed at day time

BUTTERFLY SANCTUARY – The open butterfly garden has been carefully created with specialized plants that attract the butterflies to the garden. There are over sixty species of local butterflies that naturally visit the garden. The butterfly garden is full of butterflies and the plants they love. The plants have been carefully chosen to attract and feed the butterflies. The garden has been landscaped and has seating so you can relax and sit among the fluttering beauties, or take a stroll if you prefer.

HANGING BRIDGE – The hanging bridge was originally constructed using just bamboo and rope. Today, the rope has made way to steel cables, giving added safety and stability. The deck of the bridge is still formed out of woven bamboo slats. In places some of these appear broken but its still sturdy enough to take the weight of tourists and locals alike. Just watch where you put your feet. Walking onto the bridge is a little daunting at first as the bamboo deck flexes a little under your feet. Although the support cables are now made of steel, you still experience some side to side sway and up and down bounce.

MANDMADE FOREST – The Bohol Forest is a man-made mahogany forest stretching in a two-kilometer stretch of densely planted Mahogany trees located in the border of Loboc and Bilar towns. Before and after this man-made forest are the naturally grown forests of Loboc and Bilar which are thick with a kaleidoscope of green foliage, different species of trees and giant ferns lining the road. The man-made forest stands out because of the uniformity in height of the big trees, the spread of its branches, thickness and design of leaves. Seedlings abound around the older trees. Trunks, some thick and others just a few months old, grow resplendently straight up towards the sky which is obscured by the branches and the thick leaves.

LOBOC RIVER CRUISE – A River Cruise on the Loboc River is one of the “MUST DOs” while you are on vacation on Bohol. This is true both for local and for foreign tourists. The access point to the Loboc River is located near the town of Loboc, only about 24 km from TagbilaranCity.A typical tour along the Loboc River usually starts with a buffet ala “All You Can Eat” on one of the Floating Restaurants and is followed by a 1 hour cruise up and down the Loboc River. The boat will turn around at some small waterfalls where it can not go any further. Somewhere during the cruise they will stop at a small jetty along the river and some locals will provide a culture show for their guests.

LOAY RIVER CRUISE – The Rio verde Floating Restaurant, these floating restaurants consists of two banka-hulls, over which a large wooden platform is placed. On this platform, umerous tables are place, and a band plays music. Different boats play different styles of music, so, if you make a careful choice, you can diine with you favourite music. On our boat, they were playing mostly popular jazz and bles style music, and serenade us some local songs, which, although you would expect. Part of the cruise is a sop and visit on what they called Ati Tribe, a local tribe located along the LoayRiver.

BLOOD COMPACT – The Sandugo or Blood Compact Shrine monument found in Bo-ol district of Tagbilaran City is a landmark at the site of the first international treaty of friendship between Spaniards and Filipinos. Behind the monument is a magnificent view of Bohol Sea.The Sandugo was a blood compact, performed in Bohol between the Spanish explorer Miguel López de Legazpi and DatuSikatuna, the chieftain of Bohol, on March 16, 1565, to seal their friendship as part of the tribal tradition. This is considered as the first treaty of friendship between the Spaniards and Filipinos. “Sandugo” is a Visayan word which means “one blood”. The monument, with the bronze statues of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, Rajah Sikatuna and several other witnesses, was a masterpiece of the Boholano sculptor and National Artist for Sculpture, Napoleon Abueva.

BACLAYON CHURCH – The Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception in Baclayon is considered to be one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. It is one of the best preserved Jesuit build churches in the region, although in the 19th century, the Augustinian Recollects added a modern facade and a number of stone buildings that now surround the church. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done. Work on all churches is still in the retrieval stage.

SOUVENIR SHOP – Aproniana Souvenir Shop is air-conditioned and has clean tiled floors. It has a couple of floor levels and the shop’s area is about 100 square meters. You will surely have a cool time staying in the place and find what you are looking for. So be sure not to miss this place and bring home something for yourself and your family.

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